Investment opportunities for astute investors

Approach to investment relationships

Careful selection of funds managers
We focus on distinctive investment opportunities and only present top tier funds managers to investors. Our aspiration is to be a valued source of "out-of-the-box" investment opportunities.

Experience and track record
We have broad ranging industry relationships, first hand knowledge of the institutional investment process and experience of many successful fund raisings across traditional, niche and alternative investments.

Constructive working relationships with investors
We maintain close and constructive working relationships with investors and their consultants, and have a deep understanding of their individual investment criteria and needs.

A comprehensive and tailored service
Our approach is tailored for each client and we provide a range of value-adding services. Fund raising targets a pre-qualified group of prospective investors and we ensure the fund managers we work with are fully prepared for investor demands and have an offer that conforms to Australian best practice. This is supported by a hands-on, team-based approach and effective project management.

Effective investment advocacy
We help a fund manager "tell its story" in a readily understood and properly differentiated manner.

Quality not quantity
Our focus is on a small number of fund manager relationships.

Support for a vibrant and diverse investment community 
We support the development of emerging Australian managers, the commercialisation of new investment opportunities and growth in the diversity of the Australian investment marketplace.