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Balmain Investment Management

Balmain Investment Management Pty Limited is an independent funds manager specialising in secured private debt in Australia and New Zealand. The firm is owned by the Balmain Group and Brookvine which is (or is entitled to become) a minority shareholder.

Secured private debt is a defensive asset class offering capital stability, an attractive net return over 90-day bank bills, a predetermined, low volatility income stream and an in-built inflation hedge.  Commercial real estate, the underlying security, is well known and understood.  

Balmain has been in operation for over 30 years, with a sole focus on secured commercial property debt.  It is the only non-bank private debt organisation in Australasia with a full suite of services in the credit value chain. 

Balmain’s investment strategy is to construct and actively manage a diversified granular portfolio of mid-sized ($5-$10M) Australian and New Zealand first mortgage secured commercial real estate loans.  

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